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I teach on biology department of Taras Shevchenko National University in
Kyiv. I welcome everybody to come to listen my lectures and courses I lead
for 3rd-5th year students:

1. Biophysics.
2. Physical methods in biology.
3. Ecological biophysics.
4. Structure and function of proteins.
5. Biophysics of macromolecules.
6. Interdisciplinary problems in biology.

There are some past lectures and classes I thought in V.I. Vernadsky Taurida
National University in Crimea:

1. Physical-chemical methods in biochemistry.
2. Molecular mechanisms of biological activity of vitamins.
3. Molecular mechanisms of biological activity of hormones.
4. The basis of the molecular evolution.
5. Biochemistry of adaptation processes.
6. Structure and function of biomembranes.
7. Bioenergetics.
8. Biokinetics.
9. Biophysics.
10. The modern problems in biophysics.

  Ukrainian Biophysical Society
  Workgroup "Cosmos and Biosphere"
  MAVIS Publisher
  Journal "Physics of the Alive"



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